Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Message 2010

Mar Gregorios Orthodox Syrian Church

Christmas Message 2010

Christmas recalls the miracle of God in human world and this manifestation of incarnation of God is to change human lives into divine.

As the world celebrates the festival of love May God teach us to cherish the unfathomable mystery of the His love as He offered Himself to us in the person of His Son.

The event of the birth of Jesus the Prince of peace was the most joyful message ever announced to the world the angels announced the message of peace (Luke 2:14). Peace is the result of reconciliation. Jesus came to reconcile the world with God and with one another to bring about peace.

Christmas offers us the time and opportunity to reflect on peace and to see how we can be bearers the Messengers of same and practitioners of peace in our surroundings.

“Restoration” “ !.........................not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit” says the Lord Almighty’(Zech 4:6)

We cannot but agree that the world needs peace An essential to lasting peace is the absence of fear. This need of mankind can be met by none other than the Prince of Peace. Jesus alone offers peace that passeth all understanding.

We have the Prince of peace and it is time that we celebrate Him and introduce this Prince of Peace to our world. We cannot shirk from our responsibility. Share the message of Peace to those who are peace less and message of love to those who are loveless.

The world has been witness to many an event in the past that gave reason to shatter the peace. Though we pride on our resilience in the midst of adversity there is no hiding the fact that fear has to stay.

The world today needs to hear the message of peace and respect for life. Acts of violence have destroyed lives of innocent people and created fear and uncertainty.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was born to bring peace to the troubled world. Jesus taught us to respect and promote life. His message of love, forgiveness and service fosters respect for life and promotes it.

Only through Jesus we can find the existence of true God and experience real love, peace, Joy and brotherhood in our life.

Every year Christmas is celebrated, carols sung, Church bells Chime, Merchant fill their store with all their Christmas ware.

Today amidst all the glitter and the din instead of loving God, we are revelling in Sin.

But of the dear saviour’s birth we all seem to be unaware. The greatest of all gift was given at Christmas time. People give to every one else, but to God, most don’t give anything. It is Christ’s birthday and not one of our own. We should give to Him who to us His love has shown.

We are the reason the Lord Jesus came to die on the cross and to take all our Sin and blame away.

Let us put Christ back into Christmas where He belongs.

Wish you all a Blessed Christmas.

Fr. M.B.George (Asst.Vicar)

Fr. N.S. Varghese(Vicar/Chairman)